The following are web links that might be helpful to you as you study and practice the Spanish language

Songs For Teaching Spanish

Spanish Tongue Twisters  

An on-line verb conjugator

Destinos Information         

Info. for creating accents   

Ven Conmigo web links     

Paso A Paso web links      

Strategies for studying lang.

Grammar practice exercises

Grammar practice exercises

Grammar practice exercises  

F.L. Usage Practice            

Trackstar web lessons        

Other Useful Learning 
     Spanish Sites                         

For. Lang. Assoc. of OC        

Learning F.L. with Technology       100 ways to use your ipod to learn language

Watch news clips in Spanish

QUIA Spanish Activities    

Art and Literature Archive

Drill yourself on vocabulary

More useful links                           ThousandOaksHighSchool/ramage/links1.aspx

Grammar Practice Sp. 1    

Grammar Practice Sp. 3     

Grammar Practice II Sp. 3     

Vocabulary Drills (per book)

Steps to Learn spanish         

Useful Web Links for Spanish
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