Class Policies

1. Attendance: Attend school regularly and be in class on time.  New information is planned for your classes each day.  Missing classes prevents you from benefiting from explanations and class participation and handicaps you, especially in a foreign language class.
2. Organization: Take good notes and review or re-write them within a twenty-four hour period.
3. Preparation: Fill out and keep up a school organizer so that you know what your assignments are and when due dates are for tests, projects, etc..  Also be sure to bring required daily materials.
4. Attitude: You will have a better classroom experience if you maintain a good, positive attitude and are willing to cooperate with other people and follow classroom rules.  Be courteous.  Think of others in the class as well as your own learning environment.
5. Listening Skills: Listen to instructions and follow directions.  Show courage, and ask questions if you don't understand an assignment.  Always look over assignments before you leave class and ask questions when an assignment is given rather than when it is due.
6. Complete Your Assignments: Start your assignments right away.  Complete them and turn them in on time.  Take pride in your work.  It is a great feeling when you do a great job.
7. Use the language.  Seek out opportunities to use the language and expressions everyday that you are learning, both in and out of the classroom.  Using the language will give context and meaning to the vocabulary and grammar that we are learning and will make it both fun and useful.  Using the language is also crucial to long-term retention of what we learn.  If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

Paper Heading Format
Assignment                                                        Your name
Paper Heading Sample 
Voc. Quiz 1-B                                                        Aztec Pride

ACADEMIC GOAL:  The academic objective for this course is to learn and to use a survival level of the Spanish language and culture with emphasis on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

The students will need to bring their Practice Worksheet packet, a dedicated composition notebook, regular (non-spiral) ruled paper, a red correcting pen and a blue or black pen or pencil (*all quizzes and tests will be taken in blue or black non-erasable ink).  The preparation/organization grade will be based on this.  A school organizer, a highlighter, and a Spanish / English dictionary are recommended, but not required.

Students are expected to display courteous, respectful behavior. There will be no eating or drinking in the classroom.  Pencils will be sharpened before the tardy bell rings.  No student will leave class unless summoned by a call slip or in cases of emergency.

Inappropriate behavior in class will result in a warning, a detention, and then a referral and parent contact (if the problem cannot be solved by other means).  Detentions will be served on Tuesday or Thursday either before or after school.  *This time will also be available to all students for extra help.

If you have a bad day on a chapter exam, and all of us do at one time or another, then you may re-take a chapter exam ONLY under the following guidelines: (this policy only applies to chapter exams)
-You must have a hand-written note from Mom or Dad verifying that you have reviewed your board-work sentences and have reviewed the power-point presentations on my webpage for that chapter.
-You must do the re-take before the next chapter exam.
-You may only score up to 75% on the re-take.

Chapter updates on what we are studying in class and upcoming deadlines will be e-mailed out to all Spanish One parents at the beginning of each chapter, and all lesson plans,
assignments, etc. are posted on my web page (

Each Friday the students are responsible to bring Sustained
Silent Reading materials to read the last ten to fifteen minutes of class or as time allows as part of an on-going school wide emphasis on reading and reading skills.  These should consist of books or novels, not magazines or newspapers.  Participation points will be deducted if the students do not have reading material with them on Fridays

All homework is due at the beginning of class the next day.  Late work will only be accepted within 24 hours for ½ credit.  If you are absent the day that an assignment is due, be prepared to turn it in on the day of your return.  Pay attention to test dates and plan for up-coming tests so that you are prepared for all exams.  Students will be responsible, after an absence, to find out what work they have missed and to makeup all work within two days per day of excused absence up to a maximum of two weeks.  Test and quiz make-ups will be done on the next Tuesday or Thursday, before or after school.  Any student that misses class for athletics or any other school-related activity must check-in with me the day before or the day that will be missed in order to get the assignments.  Failure to do so may result in a zero for all assignments missed as per athletic department policy.   

Copying will result in zero points for all students involved. Cheating will result in zero points for the assignment and may result in a "U" for citizenship at semester.  All cheating will be dealt with in accordance with EHS cheating policy.

Spanish Two: First Semester: Chapters 1 - 5
     Second Semester: Chapters 6 - 11

Spanish Three Honors: First Semester: Chapters 1 - 6
    Second Semester: Chapters 7 – 12

Grades will be available on-line using the Aeries system.  Once you receive your access information, you may set up your Aeries account to view your child's grades at any time.  Grades on-line are updated at least once a week.  A link to the Aeries log-in portal is available on my main index webpage.  Grades will be determined on a percentage of the total cumulative points for the semester according to the following scale:  100 - 99 = A+, 98 - 95 = A, 94 - 90 = A-, 89 - 87 = B+, 86 - 84 = B, 83 - 80 = B-, 79 - 77 = C+, 76 - 74 = C, 73 - 70 = C-, 69 - 67 = D+, 66 - 64 = D, and 63 - 58 = D-

Homework  -  Graded on completeness, checked next day, turned in at the end of chapter
Vocabulary Quizzes  -  36 pts. per quiz per week
Grammar Quizzes  -  30-35 pts. per quiz per week  
Chapter Exams  -  @100 pts. per exam every two to three weeks
Organization / Preparedness  -  25 pts. per quarter
Active Participation  -  25 pts. per quarter
Extra Credit - 50 pts. possible per semester 
(deadlines Jan. 6, 1st sem. and May 26, 2nd semester)
1st Quarter - Sp. One 1st Quarter Assessment - @50 pts.  (Sp. 3 Honors - CPR)
2nd Quarter - Cumulative Scantron Exam - @200 pts.
3rd Quarter - Sp. One 3rd Quarter Assessment - @50 pts.  (Sp. 3 Honors - Writing Assessment)
4th Quarter - Cumulative Scantron Exam - @280 pts.

The tardy policy is designed to encourage students to be in class on time so that they may maximize their instructional time and learning opportunities.  Students, who are not in their assigned seats when the tardy bell begins to ring, will be considered a tardy.  If you have to go get a re-admit for a previous absence during class time, you will be given a tardy.  The school-wide tardy policy is as follows:
1st tardy  -  warning
2nd tardy -  warning
3rd tardy  -  warning
4th tardy  -  half-hour detention
5th tardy  -  half-hour detention
6th tardy  -  two hours Saturday detention
7th tardy  -  two hours Saturday detention
8 or more tardies  - 4 hours Saturday detention

These are not to be used in Spanish class at any time and should be turned off and left in the backpacks or purses and not taken out at all during class time, but can be put to use outside of class by downloading Spanish podcasts or sound files of the chapter vocabulary from my web page, to listen to, drill and reinforce vocabulary or other language skills.

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